June 15, 2018

The best spots to watch golf at TPC Potomac

When you arrive at the Quicken Loans National, you may notice how the course — built on a farm — has many scenic and comfortable places to sit and watch. This layout provides a unique advantage to fans as they watch the PGA TOUR’s stars compete. TPC Potomac has many amazing locations for viewing, depending on what type of action you want to see and where you want to be located on the course. Let’s take a look at the many spots around the course where it’s the best to view golf at this year’s Quicken Loans National.

The Grove: The Grove is an underrated spot to sit, relax, and watch golf at TPC Potomac, as it includes everything a golf fan could want: tee shots, putts, shade, good food and new in 2018, the BGE Home Cooling Zone featuring misting fans to help you cool down on a hot summer day. The Grove is located directly in between the par-3 third hole and par-4 sixth hole. By situating yourself in this shaded area, you can see tee shots come in on No. 3, the putts drop, and the drive son No. 6. You really get the full golf experience here, as golfers will routinely hit a variety of shots on both holes. With only 20 steps separating the 3green and 6 tee box, it’s perhaps the most dynamic spot on the course, and usually avoids the major crowds as it’s slightly removed from the clubhouse and finishing holes.

9 green: The 9thhole is one of the prettiest at TPC Potomac. It’s a downhill par-3 where the tee overlooks the clubhouse and the green is located adjacent to the first tee. The green at No. 9 is especially fan friendly, as the bowl-like green complex allows for fans to grab a spot on the grassy area above it and watch the golfers hit their tee shots from above and putts from below. Only a short walk from The Yard, driving range and Main Street, the ninth green is a central location and an exciting spot to watch golfers take on this challenging par-3 to end their front nine.

10 green & 11 tee: 10 green and 11 tee offer the ultimate disparity in scoring, as the 10thhole is the only reachable par-5 on the golf course and the 11thplayed as the hardest hole during last year’s PGA TOUR season. By positioning yourself on 10 green, you have a chance to watch the eagle putts fall and then see the pros take on the most daunting tee shot at TPC Potomac. With a concession stand located a few steps from 10 green, it’s got everything a golf fan could want.

16 green & 17 tee: 16 green and 17 tee offer the most exciting action on course. Surrounded by many public and private hospitality venues , it’s an electric end to the back nine. The 16this an uphill par-4 with a great viewing area atop the elevated green, while the 17this a downhill par-3 with a scenic view over the water hazard and green below. It not only offers a dynamic view for any golf fan, but is the same location as the GREY GOOSE 19thHole — which is open to all fans 21 and older.

GREY GOOSE 19thHole: Located right above 17 tee, the GREY GOOSE 19thHole is a perfect spot to grab a cocktail and watch the golf shots fly. Take a few minutes inside in the climate-controlled lounge or step outside on the balcony overlooking the scenic par-3 for the full GREY GOOSE experience.

18 fairway: A popular spot last year, the 18th fairway will include Adirondack chairs under a shade tent this year for ultimate comfort as fans watch the pros finish their rounds. The visuals are great here, as you’ll be directly in line with most golfers taking their approach shots to the final green under the beautiful clubhouse. Food and drink options are easily accessible here too, with The Yard, Ruth’s Chris Steak House and Bonefish Grill only a quick walk away.

Tips and Tricks:

Walk back the numbers: Walking back the numbers is a cool trick if you want to see as many golf shots as possible. The logic behind it is rather simple: start on 18 and walk backwards from 18, so you’re running into golfers coming in rather than chasing after a group. This way, you can intercept a ton of groups coming in on the back nine and see what all the different holes have to offer.

Bring sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses: A simple tip, but an absolutely necessary one. The sun is strong this time of year, and all three of these things will help you not only keep cool but also avoid sunburn.

Charge your phone:There’s no worse feeling than watching your phone battery slowly dwindle throughout the day. That’s why it’s vital to come to the course at 100 percent, because you never know what you may need your phone for. Whether it’s tracking the leaderboard or calling an Uber for your ride home, make sure you charge up before arriving, bring a portable charger or recharge at the GREY GOOSE 19thhole.

Thank a volunteer & servicemember: The Quicken Loans National is proud to welcome thousands of servicemembers to the tournament. Simultaneously, thousands of volunteers help bring our tournament to life, and their work can easily go unnoticed. You’ll likely encounter volunteers in matching golf shirts and active duty military and veterans wearing camouflage lanyards throughout the day, and it goes a long way to give them a quick thank you.